Sid Premkumar

A computer scientist with a passion to change the world.

Woof Are You?

Can I use your Twitter to determine what type of dog you are?


How does noise pollution affect our cognition?


A program that attempts to evaluate how intellectually stimulating a song is.


A web-based note-taking application built specifically for dyslexic individuals

Machine Learning Age Guesser

After answering 5 phillisophical question, this program can utilize ML to guess your age!

Creating Art with Machines

An project to attempt to create art with convolutional neural networks!

Channel Whitelist

A Chrome extension that give you the power to whitelist certain YouTube Channels.

HomeMade Heap

A virtualized heap program coded entirely in C.

About Me

I am a student pursing a Computer Science major and Economics minor at Boston University. I am passionate about products that I believe can change the world. I'm always looking for different projects and ways to help tangibly change the world around me.

Education and Experience

  • American School of Bombay - Mumbai, India
  • Boston Univerisity - Boston, USA
  • Teaching Fellow for CS112. Course content can be found here.
  • Resume


  • Java
  • C
  • Javascript
  • Python

Written Works:

  • Evernote Chrome Extension Vulnerability
    • In conjunction with 3 other Boston University students we aimed to understand and examine the Evernote Chrome Extension vulnerability.
    • Beyond just the technical aspect of the vulnerability we explored overarching problems in the Chrome App store and explored ways that vulnerabilities like this could be mitigated in the future.
    • The poster used to present our findings can be found here.
  • Levels of Technology and Poverty
    • A paper that describes a possibly more efficient way at approaching poverty within a country. This paper attempts to correlate levels of poverty and levels of technology. This can then be used to argue that policy aimed at increasing levels of technology can improve indicators of poverty.
    • Data used in the paper can be found here.
  • Artificial Inteligence White Paper
    • A policy white paper surrounding the coming ethics and policy issues that will be more apparent as AI becomes more advance and commonplace. Intended for government agencies to utilize to better prepare for the future.

Get in touch

Feel free to get in touch! I'm always looking to meet new people and work on new projects.